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Join Us In The FREE 5-Day Kingdom Impact Challenge!

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"Discover your Kingdom Calling & Learn How to Create A
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Impacts HIS Kingdom!"
Dear Kingdom Coach,
Here’s a question for you: what purpose do you think coaching has in the Kingdom of God?

You probably feel called to coach, but if you’re like I was when I started out – you probably don’t know exactly why… you’re probably not exactly sure who you are supposed to help… and you haven’t exactly “stepped out onto the water yet” and made a full-time living with it yet.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. We’ve helped thousands of coaches just like you overcome all of these challenges and many more. But back to that question…

Coaching Is An Integral Part Of The Kingdom

Think about this: Jesus coached His disciples.

Then they coached the whole early church, who spread the gospel far and wide. And even the bible itself is filled with coaching advice going back and forth in letter form.

This all goes to show: coaching is important, even for coaches like you.

That’s why this free 5-day challenge is so powerful, and so many miracles happen during this one week. Because, for five days – we become your coaches for free and give away our BEST content designed to help you grow.

During that time, you’ll have the chance to work with us personally if you want to, gain access to one of our VIP packages, or even have us help you build your business and take care of ALL the technical details for you. (But more on that later…)

The point is…

We Do Not Hold Back During This FREE 5-Day Challenge.

You Even Have A Chance To Win All Of This Cool Gear Just For Showing Up!

In addition to all of the business-building strategies you will learn, we’re giving away all of this just as the “spoils of participation.”

**Prizes Are Awarded Daily for those who Go LIVE in our Facebook Challenge Group & Participate!

We’ll Teach You:

A Christ-Centered Plan For Business Growth:

4-C Digital Marketing
Here’s the story:

Years ago, I was brought to my knees in life. I experienced pure anguish: crippled by addiction, crushed financially, and waking up every morning with a raw pit of despair where my heart used to be – completely broken.

I owned a coaching business, but I couldn’t even pay for my bills – I was completely lost. I didn’t know who I was, and I didn’t know who God wanted me to be. I knew I was called to serve, but I had fallen short of my calling in every way…

I put myself in God’s hands one more time, and He answered my pathetic prayers for help.

He showed me how to turn my “business” into something more – a ministry with true Kingdom Impact. 

And He showed me with a steady hand how He wanted me to grow.

…And that’s how the 4-C digital marketing toolkit was born.

The 4-C’s are reliable, they are Christ-centered, and they help you turn any coaching business into your very own full-blown ministry. It aligns your business, allows God to prosper you financially, and continues to send the right people to you over and over again, like clockwork.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people. And thousands of those people have achieved 6 figures or more in their online businesses.

The 4-C’s can easily help you:
  • Earn over 6-figures in Godly income by following your passion and God’s will
  • ​Fill your calendar with PERFECT clients who need your message and your coaching 
  • ​Feel conviction of the Holy Spirit in EVERY session – feeling miracles happen IN REAL TIME as the results flow to your business and to those you help
  • ​Wake up every morning with energy and passion for the day
  • ​See the Kingdom moving around you – and Make Your Impact forever

5 Action-Packed Days

January 11-15, 2021

Day 1 - Coaches - The New Spiritual Leaders Of Today: Discover 3 Ways to make massive Kingdom impact, and discover coaching tools from Rev. Ron to create breakthrough client experiences.
Day 2: Who are you called to Coach, and your Kingdom Marketing Message (Your Mess becomes Your Message)
Don't let what you've overcome be in vain. If what Romans 8:28 is really true, you have an obligation to share your story and coach others to greatness in the Kingdom of God (we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony)
Day 3: How to make Impact and Income - The 4C Framework 
This is our proven and proprietary system to get clients and create a 6-Figure business online. It goes through the 4 C's you absolutely need to have a scalable business. You'll discover #1 tool that you need to make all of this work (without this tool, it's pretty much pointless.)

Plus, we'll break 3 myths when it comes to beinga 6-Figure Christian Coach. 
​Day 4 - Where is your tribe, and how do you find them?
This is all about Facebook ads and lead generation. We'll show you exactly how to get your perfect coaching cleints, regardless of what business you're in - we guarantee it. 

We'll also debunk the myths of why Facebook ads are hard, and share why it may not have worked for you in the past. 

Day 5 - Pricing, Coaching Packages, and YOUR Coaching Program:
You're going to learn at least 4 different models of coaching programs you can use. How to create perfect pricing whether you're a life or business coach. And the secret of getting high ticket cleints into YOUR PROGRAM. 

BONUS DAY! How to Operate in YOUR Unique Spiritual Gifts: 
Today's training explains spiritual gifts, manifestations, the role of deliverance in Christian coaching, and more! Sustained breakthrough for your clients comes through the power of the Holy Spirit. Discover how easy it is to partner with God and make Him the CEO of your coaching Business.
Meet Your 
Christ-Centered Coaches and Mentor Team 
Rev. Ron Gelok III, MBA & Jordan Hoopingarner
Rev. Ron is the owner and founder of Christ-Centered Coaching, LLC. Ron is our head coach and digital marketing expert. Ron is responsible for personally helping thousands of people create an income online. As a licensed minister all of his training, coaching, & content are from a Biblical perspective. Ron specializes in lead generation, monetization, paid traffic, online marketing & business system creation, and market strategy for new and small online businesses.

Jordan is the owner of Good Spark Consulting, LLC and is our team’s professional funnel builder and Funnel Coach. Jordan can build any funnel and create a corresponding strategy for your business’s specific objectives, whether its sales, lead generation, product sales, event seats, or getting more people to come to your website or physical business location. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs fulfill their Kingdom Calling in business. 
  •  Ron, Helped Hundreds of Thousands of People create an Income Online, thousands more create full-time income and online businesses
  • ​ Jordan is a Sales Funnel Strategist, getting a Kingdom entrepreneur's message in front of an audience and converting them into consistent leads and salesn 
  •  Ron is a 3x top recruiter and sales professional in the direct sales industry. Also responsible for generating over $1 Million+ in online sales
  • ​Jordan is a certified Digital Marketer Direct Response Copywriter, specializing in sales funnel development.
  • ​ Ron, is a Licensed Minister, Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Digital Marketing Partner who serves Christian Coaches & Entrepreneurs

What Kinds Of RESULTS Are Christian Coaches Getting From This FREE Challenge?

Listen to Sadie Calamanco's experience with us and how it changed her life, the future of her business, her family, and is now IMPACTING THE KINGDOM OF GOD! 
"We love you Sadie and are Incredibly proud of you!" - Ron & Jordan
Listen how Julia Baxter's created 6 Figure Coaching Business from scratch that is now having a "RIPPLING EFFECT" Impacting the Kingdom!
When you sign up today, you will get full access to 5-days of LIVE TRAINING
Discover How to Create a PROFITABLE Christian Coaching Business that Glorifies God, & Impacts HIS Kingdom using the 4-C's Framework!
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Today If You Hear His Voice,
Do Not Harden Your Heart

Even though the Kingdom Impact Challenge is free, there is a price to pay if you don’t join us.
After all, you’re probably here on this page because you feel called to participate in the Kingdom of God as a coach.

The truth is, the vast majority of “coaching gurus” out there do not have a Christ-centered focus in business. And as Matt. 6:24 says: you cannot serve two masters.

That’s why most jobs seem so purposeless and bland: you are doing it for money only. The difference with The Kingdom Impact Challenge is: we serve God, and money is the bonus we get from His blessing of prosperity.

That makes a very big difference. It means you get to participate in the Kingdom, and everything else is added to you as a result. If you don’t join the Challenge, you won’t be able to see how it all works together to create that kind of Godly prosperity.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But there is not much time left to think about it. We are closing enrollments on 01/11/21.

**Prizes Are Awarded Daily for those who Go LIVE in our Facebook Challenge Group & Participate!

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