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Welcome to The Kingdom Impact Challenge For Christian Coaches!

We are so excited that you have chosen to take this adventure with us.

In the 5 days we spend together on live trainings within our private Facebook group (link on the next page).

You'll discover the 4C framework for a 6-figure Christian Coaching Business.

With this framework, you'll be able to get clients any time you want. 

Which means you'll stop having feast or famine paydays or income. And because you'll have a steady stream of new clients, you'll stop doubting yourself, you'll feel confident in your calling to coach, and you'll have a sustainable income stream where you and your family know what your revenue will be for months to come.

But more importantly, you'll learn how to create a business that glorifies God and IMPACTS HIS KINGDOM.

You saw on the previous page we love to throw in TONS of bonuses to make our challenges a top notch experience for you.

We are coaches ourselves and help a lot of other Christian Coaches grow their businesses online, who we love and serve with all of our hearts.

For that reason, we have one last optional bonus to offer you.

We realize that the biggest breakthroughs in this challenge come from a small close knit community, called the "VIP Kingdom Coaches".

These are people who are passionate about Jesus...

These are people who are serious about creating impact for the Kingdom of God through coaching...

These are people who each day get an extra hour a day with Rev. Ron and Coach Jordan in private group coaching sessions to get their questions answered to recieve "Hot Seat" coaching opportunities. 

These are people who each get a 1-1 Business Development Coaching Call with one of our Christ-Centered Coaches...

These are people who are willing to implement our 4C Framework and build a 6-Figure Christian Coaching business...

So...for those people who want to transition from Impact Maker to VIP Kingdom Coach, we have an optional upgrade for you...

Here's What You Get When You Become a VIP Kingdom Coach Today:

"How to Coach - Christian Methods of How to Coach with Steve Krivda "
Discover Key Christian Coaching Frameworks from Christ-Centered Coaching Expert, John Maxwell & Ziglar Certified Coach, Steve Krivda
  • Discover how anyone can coach, and anyone can be coached
  • ​How to create clients anywhere at any time
  • Learn how to coach to create breakthrough client experiences
  • Discover how to intuitively coach conversationally

(Value $497)

"Authority & Credibility Branding for Christian Coaches"
  • How to show up as a capable coach even if you're new
  • Feeling like you aren't respected or taken seriously? Change your brand position in a posture of influence
  • Discover when you should be upfront with your faith or keep it under the radar in your brand & messaging

(Value $897)

"Free Kingdom Impact T-Shirt"
  • WARNING: This t-shirt will not give you super-powers...despite how cool it is
  • ​It is possible this t-shirt may make you slightly more attractive, but even if it doesn't we still think you'll look good in it 😉
  • It represents that you are 100% in, when it comes to making impact for the Kingdom of God
*Only VIP Kingdom coaches have this t-shirt as an exclusive member of our community.

"1-1 Business Development Coaching Call with a Christ-Centered Coach"
On your 1-1 Coaching Call, you'll:
  • Have a chance to get poured into, instead of being the one that always pours out
  • Have one of our coaches pray with you (obviously free part of the call)
  • ​Get 1-1 Business Coaching from one of our trained in-house Christ-Centered Coaches

(Value $497)

"VIP Kingdom Coach Sessions"
  • Get 5 small group coaching sessions with Rev. Ron and Coach Jordan
  • Lifetime access to the recordings
  • ​Hot-Seat 1-1 coaching opportunities where breakthrough is pretty much guaranteed to happen

(Value $997)

Plus Get These 3 VIP Kingdom Coach ONLY Bonuses!

Bonus #1: "Lifetime Access To All Kingdom Impact Challenge Recordings"
5 Sessions on how to lay the foundations of a 6-Figure Christian Coaching Business:
  • Not able to make all the trainings live? Get lifetime access.
  • This is called a "Challenge" for a reason...the content can be like drinking from a'll want to watch this again and again
  • ​Plus any surprise unadvertised bonus content... *wink, wink *

(Value $997)

Bonus #2: "Glorify God In Business Workshop"
5 Modules of Biblical Business Foundations
  • How to REALLY make God Your CEO & Being a Righteous Steward
  • Biblical Money, Success, & Profit Truths for Believers
  • ​Sales Funnels and Irresistible Offer Creation
  • ​​EXPOSED: Does Glorifying God mean You’ll Make More Money?

(Value $697)

Bonus #3: "2 Founder's Ticket to the First Annual 2021 Christ-Centered Coaching Summit"
We come together once a year to discover:
  • The most current and cutting edge marketing strategies for Christian Coaches to get more customers and clients
  • The most powerful and effective ways to facilitate client breakthroughs lead by the Holy Spirit in 2021
  • How you can make connections with other Christian Coaches who are serious about making Kingdom impact across the world

(Value $997)

If you are committed to discovering how to create a 6-figure Christian Coaching Business, based on the 4C Framework and get small group support, this upgrade is a no-brainer...

Plus, we'll never be selling it this cheap again...

We highly encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity and grab your VIP Kingdom Coach access pass now. 

And of course if you are not fully satisfied with our trainings, just let us know and we will happily refund your $97 investment.

To Your Success,

Rev. Ron Gelok III M.B.A. & Coach Jordan Hoopingarner
Founders of the Kingdom Impact Challenge

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Need Proof That This Works? 

Here are recent Testimonials from our Kingdom Impact VIPs

Ola Charges Her Highest Price EVER for Coaching!

Gregory finally gets clarity on his coaching business

Christi gets her first client and goes into profit in her first 30 days!

Coach Samantha learns to be still and listen to God, God Brings her Clients!

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